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        The links provided on this site are for illustrative purposes only and do not comprise a complete listing of all sites, museums, dealers, restorers, or services associated with automatic musical instruments. Links do not imply endorsement by MBSI of any dealer, restorer, or service. MBSI is not responsible for monitoring links for changes in ownership or objectionable material. MBSI will, however, take prompt action to remove objectionable links once notified of their existence.
Dealers, Suppliers, Restorers

Adams, Andy - Gold Leaf Galleries - Supplier of new-cut rolls for band organs.
American Treasure Tour - a fun and informative look into all things Americana
Ames, Mike - Manufacturer of the Mills digital player system.
Aspire Auctions - fine arts & antiques
Auction Team Breker - A leading specialty auction of technical antiques.
Beck, David/Carol - Top quality restorations of cylinder and disc music boxes.
Bonhams - Holds four dedicated Mechanical Music sales per year in London and Knowle.
Brady, Philip - Professional repair and restoration of singing irds, bird boxes and whistlers.
Breen, Jack - Mills Violano rollography database, rollscanning, roll repairs and midi files.
Caine, Donald - Music Box Repair Center, Reuge
Caletti, Bob - Restoration of antique music boxes
Choffnes Inada, Dan - Specializing in disc and cylinder phonographs.
Choffnes, Al/Susan - Specialists in cylinder and disc music boxes.
Ciuffini, Tony - Sales / repair of Reuge, other specialty music boxes and antique music boxes.
Cole, Raphael - Antique music boxes of distinction.
Corkrum, David - Polphon Muiskwerke - Manufacturer of reproduction Polyphon discs.
Cottone Auctions - Quality antiques including mechanical music at auction
Crandall, Rick - Library web site
DeBence Museum - Lynn Zilmer - The See and Hear Museum.
Draper, Harold - Roller Organ Restorations - Restoration and sales of roller organs and organettes
Dream Factory - Retonio Breitenmoser - Semi-annual auctions held in Swizterland.
Duckworth, Johnny - Restorer of music boxes in upright gambling machines.
Erb, Alan - A very skilled and conscientious restorer of band organs and nickelodeons.
Eric, Kathleen/Christian - Specialists in the professional restoration of quality musical pieces.
Ford, Steven & Susan - Remembering Time - repairs to antique & modern clocks, wind up phongraphs & muscial boxes
Gaida Music Rolls LLC - offering custom copying and re-cutting services.
Goodman, Stephen Kent - Professional player piano and nickelodeon restoration services.
Hack, Dick - Manufacturer of rolls for the Mills Violano. Restorer of mechanical musical instruments.
Harris, Bill - Royal Bell Organ Works - Collector, sales and restoration of dance, fair, band organs and nickelodeons.
Harris,Tom - Tom Harris Auctions - 60 years in the family antiques and clock auction business.
James D Julia Inc. - Auctioneers of quality goods and collections.
Johnson, Barry - Manufacturer of new tune discs for music boxes. No web site.
Kember, Stephen - StephenT. P. Kember ltd - Specialist in antique cylinder and disc musical boxes restoration service..
Kyburz , Hanspeter, Switzerland - Antique Mechanical Music: Music Boxes, Barrel Organs, Gramophones
LeLudion - Chaillat, Eve/ Crasse, Philippe - Organ builder/supplier since 1976.
Mechanical Music Press - Books, articles and recording about mechanical music.
Morphy Auctions - central Pennsylvania premier antique auction house.
Morris Museum - Musical Machines & Living Dolls: The Murtogh D. Guinness Collection.
Motto-Ros, John - Sales of rolls for orchestions/nickelodeons : A,G & O. Email: mottoros@sbcglobal.net
Musical Box Society of Great Britain / Books - offering a number of important books.
Musical Wonderhouse - Quality restorations for all mechanical musical instruments.
Nancy Fratti Music Boxes - Buy-sell-restoration for antique cylinder/disc boxes; restoration supplies; recordings; books; info.
Persky, Marty - Specialist in all phases of automatic musical instruments. Appraisal, locating, consulting.
Pilmer, Andrew - Specialists in high quality restorations of European mechanical organs
Ramey, David - D C Ramey Piano Company - Restorer/manufacturer of automatic musical instruments.
Rita Ford Music Boxes - Gerald Wright, owner/restorer. Restoring antique music boxes to museum quality since 1947.
Roenigk, Elise - Specialists in all mechanical musical instruments.
Solvang Antiques - Steffensen, Dwight/Arlene - Solvang Antiques, California's finest collective for over 35 years.
Stanton, Steve - Auctioneer of fine musical instruments and related items.
The Mechanical Music Workshop - Restorers of of all makes and models of pneumatic player instruments since 1957.
Trager, Tim -Dealer - all types of musical instruments - band/monkey organs,musical boxes, orchestrions.
Verbeeck, Johnny - Organ builder and restorer.
Victorian Casino Antiques - Peter Sidlow - Auctioneers specializing in coin-op, gamblings, music and more.
Westman, Tim - Sale of book, "Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments."
Wiggins, Douglas - Antique music box restoration specialists for 28 years in Washington, D.C.
Wineburgh, Bill - Complete reading list and sales of books on automatic music.
Zurko Promotions - Chicagoland Antique Phonograph & Music Extravaganza
Related Organizations

Association des Amis des Instruments de Musique Mecanique (AAIMM)-France
Associazione Italiana Musica Meccanica (AMMI)-Italy
Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical Instruments-Australia
Australian Mechanical Organ Society, Inc.(AMOS)-Australia
Automatic Musical Instrument Collector's Assocation (AMICA)-U.S.A.
Carousel Organ Association of America (COAA)-U.S.A.
Club Deutscher Drehorgelfreunde e.V. (CDD)-Germany
Fair Organ Preservation Society-U.K.
Gsellschaft fur Selbstspielende Musikinstrumente e.V. (GSM)-Germany
Kring Van Draaiorgelvridenden (KDV)-Netherlands
Mecha Musica (Belgium)
Mechanical Organ Owners Society-U.K.
Michigan Antique Phonograph Club
Musical Box Society of Great Britain-U.K.
National Carousel Association-U.S.A.
Nederlandse Klokkenspel Vereniging, NKV-Netherlands
Pianola Institute-U.K.
Player Piano Group-U.K.
Schweizerscher Verein der Freunde Mechanischer Musik-Switzerland
Other sites helpful to members

Mechanical Music Digest (MMD) Interactive
Musica Mecanica - Worldwide mechanical music events.
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